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headboard headstone
i dreamt a bunkbed walked over green hills with tall legs that grew into a tree. it became as tall as the sky. taller than where birds could fly, but one sickly bird made a nest on the headboard. a headboard over a headstone over the grave that used to hold a bear. the bird's words shoot like shoots and the sprouts and roots that dug down, and dug up the bear's heart in it's buried treasure chest. it died of congestive failure, they said. and lack of treasure. i wondered if i'd ever add up to enough for her. i went to bed with my nose all stuffy from crying. a congestion from conversations that are never ending. always arguing. one word piling on top of the other until our voices both sound like a loud crowded room. i love you's and i'm sorry's travel down red strings like veins that hold no blood. our words can't even make it to eachother's ears.
we die every night, it seems.
:iconcwoz:Cwoz 10 5
phantom limb
amputated at the shin.
and a parasitic twin.
removal only made him lonely again.
i watched it on tv.
sitting down for tea.
with two cups. but one me.
once upon a time, i was a cup of poison.
but i poured it out and i only felt empty...
i don't know why i miss what hurts.
i slept on a pile of clothes last night.
i feel sick. i took too many again. again and again.
my mouth feels dry. my heart is rapid and my temperature is cold.
there are only a few certain moment when i've felt completely alone.
and i do tonight. i do so much.
:iconcwoz:Cwoz 11 15
pleased to meet you by Kichaa pleased to meet you :iconkichaa:Kichaa 103 15 in my room by Cwoz in my room :iconcwoz:Cwoz 98 42 costanza self-tattoo. by boobookittyfuck costanza self-tattoo. :iconboobookittyfuck:boobookittyfuck 37 12
i don't know what to write. or why i want to write. i feel fucking useless.
i've been trying so goddamn hard these past weeks to be happy. to make my life less sad. to not lay in bed every day with blankets pulled over my face. to get dressed. to open the shades. to go outside. to say hi. to not hurt myself. to go to therapy groups. every day. i'm trying every day. i'm tired every day.
everyone is so fucking alone.
i sat next to a girl named summer. she told me she had a dream about me. we were cleaning my room. she told me that when she was at home and depressed, she would think of funny things i've said and feel better. she gave me a dragonfly ornament on my birthday. when i see her face in my therapy group, i feel better. i sat next to her on a couch. we want to be friends. i sat next to her and i felt miles away. like a ship in the sea. all our bodies. we can be all sitting next to each other but we're all out at sea. it feels like everyone can only get so close. or maybe just me.
:iconcwoz:Cwoz 6 56
Character Meme I - Ages by Thrash-Waltz Character Meme I - Ages :iconthrash-waltz:Thrash-Waltz 21,689 2,734 Character Building Camp Meme by EmmyAngua Character Building Camp Meme :iconemmyangua:EmmyAngua 901 95
inadequate description being used
i feel alone. i feel like the world is big. i feel like time is fast and i am slow. and there is no one out there who's accessible. like everyone is far away. moving on their moving sidewalks. everyone has a place to go and a place to be. the people on the streets, who i walk by. they feel miles away. i don't like walking on the streets. i had to walk home from downtown on friday and it was uncomfortable.
i'm going to therapy tomorrow. i'll probably have to walk home again because my dad took the car. and he's been gone for three days. tomorrow is today. it's 3 in the morning. i don't have many hours left to sleep. i took sleeping pills. dear everyone, i abuse sleeping pills. everyone knows it. i know. they know. i know you know i know. i'll take more later. but i feel like i'm gonna be sick from these in the morning. i hear mourning doves from my window.
once upon a time, a mourning dove sat on my front porch. she was calm. she let me sit by her and she wouldn't fly away. she seemed s
:iconcwoz:Cwoz 5 65
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